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Apr 10

Two Kings and a Giant: Daytime TV’s New Power

Apr 09

Post McClatchy: a new era for the Anchorage Daily News -

Thoughts on the sale of ADN to the online startup Alaska Dispatch, from howardweaver:

The news that McClatchy is selling the Anchorage Daily News to Alice Rogoff’s Alaska Dispatch cannot have arrived with more impact on anybody that it did for me. I spent 45 years in Alaska, 30 years at McClatchy and 28 years at the Daily News. Altogether that’s 103 years, and I feel every one of…

Is There a Wonk Bubble?

Apr 08

No More Forever Projects

How politics makes us stupid

Apr 07

Vox Takes Melding of Journalism and Technology to a New Level

Why is it so expensive to build a bridge in America? -

Matt Yglesias: “This is basically about our greedy and opaque political culture.”

The Global City

Apr 06

Why do people edit Wikipedia? - Beutler Ink

Apr 03

List Beats Grid: Linear Feeds Perform Two to Three Times Better Than Grids